NetGuide NZ - iPhone 6… Just six months away?

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

iPhone 6… Just six months away?

It must be that time of the month again - you know the time when yet another tech website claims to know something about an upcoming Apple launch.

Step forward Japanese newspaper Nikkei, and the iPhone 6, which will launch “as early as September” if previous iPhone model release dates are anything to go by.

According to the website, suppliers of LCD panels for Cupertino’s new smartphone will soon hit the production trail hard, in a bid to meet the deadline for a worldwide launch in September.

“Mass production of liquid crystal display panels will start as early as the April-June quarter at Sharp's Kameyama factory, Japan Display's Mobara plant, and elsewhere, according to sources,” Nikkei claims.

“LG Electronics will supply panels as well. The new handset's display resolution is expected to be significantly higher than that of current models.”

Speculating further, Nikkei suggests the device will “likely be offered in 4.7- and 5.5-inch versions, both of which are larger than the current generation's 4-inch screen.”

Make of this what you will…

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