NetGuide NZ - 101 Youtube clips you have to see before you die

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101 Youtube clips you have to see before you die

For many youtube is rapidly becoming the new television. If you’re looking for a quick diversion or to immerse yourself in something more substantial, youtube gives the viewer unprecedented control over their viewing content.
And what content it is. From engaging and thought-provoking documentaries to clips that give new definition to the word ‘pointless’, youtube has it all.
So here it is. 101 of the best videos on youtube. From the sublime to the ridiculous, to the bafflingly popular, this is the best (and in some cases the worst) of what youtube has to offer.

  1. Sneezing Panda:

  2. Yes we can:

  3. The Star Wars Kid:

  4. The original lonelygirl video:

  5. Here it goes again:

  6. Crazy mimic bird:

  7. Whistle tips with Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis:

  8. Star Wars theme acappella:

  9. Strange faces and noises I can make:

  10. Chocolate Rain:

  11. Wedding Entrance Dance:

  12. Flea Market Montgomery:

  13. I like turtles:

  14. Badgers:

  15. The annoying orange:

  16. Cockroach vs. Weatherman:

  17. Guy back flips into jeans:

  18. Miss Teen Carolina:

  19. Star Wars explained by a three year old:

  20. ‘Losing You’:

  21. Shatner on the Mount:

  22. Trapped in an elevator:

  23. Transformer owl:

  24. Fireworks in the cupboard:

  25. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama:

  26. Swiss ball win:

  27. Diet Coke and Mentos:

  28. Fred is the most annoying thing in the known universe:

  29. Excruciating cover version:

  30. Battle at Kruger:

  31. Edgar’s fall:

  32. Gay Mount Everest:

  33. Hitler and the vuvuzela:

  34. Guinness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time:

  35. Average homeboy:

  36. Chad Vader does chocolate rain:

  37. Woman struck by lightning speaks!

  38. The free hugs campaign:

  39. Tyson the skating bulldog:

  40. Kung Fu auditions:

  41. Spiders on drugs:

  42. BBC interviews the wrong guy:

  43. Lightning bolt!

  44. Will it blend?

  45. Susan Boyle:

  46. Cat on a ROOmba:

  47. Snake eats enormous rodent:

  48. Spiderman fail:

  49. Australian party dude:

  50. Baby dancing to Beyonce:

  51. Worst day of their lives:

  52. World’s faster clapper:

  53. Freehand circle drawing:

  54. Greyson Chance covers Lady Gaga:

  55. Dancing Matt:

  56. Dog saves other dog:

  57. Boom goes the dynamite:

  58. The Last Lecture:

  59. Two talking cats:

  60. Barking man:

  61. Colbert roasts Bush:

  62. Double Rainbow:

  63. Scarlet takes a tumble:

  64. Angry German kid:

  65. Merry-go-round of death:

  66. Evian roller babies:

  67. Gem sweater:

  68. Ask a ninja:

  69. The Shining remix:

  70. The Back Dorm Boys:

  71. The maze prank compilation:

  72. He’s a cat flushing the toilet:

  73. Urban Ninja:

  74. Otters holding hands:

  75. Best motivational video ever:

  76. Christian the Lion:

  77. Hey Jude:

  78. The exploding whale:

  79. Scarface school play:

  80. It’s peanut butter jelly time!

  81. Numa Numa:

  82. The most dramatic 5 seconds on the internet:

  83. Little Superstar:

  84. All your base are belong to us:

  85. Bad day at the office:

  86. Tiger attack

  87. Kittens inspired by kittens!

  88. Epic chase scene:

  89. Thriller in Manila:

  90. Ninja cat:

  91. The laughing baby:

  92. Daft hands:

  93. Time warp:

  94. The evolution of dancing:

  95. Canon Rock:

  96. Charlie Bit My Finger:

  97. David After the Dentist:

  98. Charlie the Unicorn:

  99. Proposal fail:

  100. The most watched video on YouTube, bar none:

  101. The best video you will ever see:

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