NetGuide NZ - Free and app released

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Free and app released

The two Web sites for the Mac community in New Zealand have released a free iPhone app for Mac enthusiasts to keep up with news and the site forums. 

The free app, available for download here, is part of the offerings on the two sites, which include user forums, news, podcasts and videos. 

The content comes from both and and has the built-in ability to share content with friends via email and Twitter. The app doesn’t require users to stay online to read articles in the RSS feed, as only new items or YouTube clips require an online connection. 

The app was developed by the site’s creator and webmaster Philip Roy, using the TapLynx iPhone development framework. Roy said on the Web site that he will be publishing a series of articles and YouTube clips in the coming weeks related to learning how to use the TapLynx framework and his experience with the app store. 

Roy also said he hopes to incorporate other features into future versions of the app. was launched by Roy in 2003. According to, Roy works as a freelance Web and multimedia developer and works part-time for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University. 

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