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Mass Effect 2 to encourage "first hand" purchases

Electronic Arts is offering an extra incentive for gamers to purchase original copies of Mass Effect 2 as opposed to second-hand or traded copies: free, exclusive downloadable content.

Following on from similar tactics employed by other recent EA titles such as Dragon Age: Origins and The Saboteur, Mass Effect 2 will offer original purchasers a one-time download code for The Cerberus Network: an in-game portal that will supply players with daily messages and exclusive DLC.

“The Cerberus Network augments and extends the rich universe of Mass Effect 2,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder, BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA. “We’re thrilled to be able to reward loyal BioWare and Mass Effect fans with ongoing, high quality content and provide a direct channel for our players to dive deeper into the intriguing lore of Mass Effect.”

Those that purchase a used copy of Mass Effect 2 can still access The Cerberus Network – for a price. It’s unknown at this stage how much access to The Cerberus Network will cost those with used copies.

From the day the game hits shelves, Mass Effect 2 will offer free DLC that contains new missions and in-game items. The first pack introduces a new character that can be added to Commander Shepard’s squad by the name of Zaeed (pictured). Upcoming downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 includes a hover tank called the Hammerhead (presumably an alternative to the first game’s Mako), new missions, shield/health/heavy-ammo-boosting Cerberus Assault Armour and an M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun. It’s unknown at this stage whether future DLC will be free of charge or not.

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