NetGuide NZ - Next iPhone to launch in June?

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Next iPhone to launch in June?

Known as iPhone 4 or iPhone HD, the device is rumoured to launch in the US in June.

According to Boy Genius Report US service provider AT&T has blocked off the month of June for employee holidays, the same way it did with the past two iPhone launches. According to sources, the only time AT &T has mandatory work periods is for new iPhone releases. 

And with the next generation iPhone protoype found recently in a bar, it seems that Apple is only putting finishing touches on the device if it is already being beta tested by certain Apple employees. 

Apple also recently released its iPhone OS 4 to developers, which is another sign that a new iPhone that will make full use of the new features is imminent.
As MacGuide previously reported, the next iPhone has a front facing camera and a higher resolution screen display that is likely HD. 

Though all signs point to a June release for the US, there’s been no word yet on when the device will hit international shelves.

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