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Spark recalls power back-up kit for wireless landline phones

05 Aug 2019

Spark is recalling a power back-up kit for wireless landline phones that may overheat and catch fire.

According to Spark, some of the back-up devices were subject to a manufacturing error that incorrectly placed internal wiring. That could lead to overheating, which in turn could lead to a fire risk.

The Spigate power back-ups (uninterruptible power supplies, also known as UPS) were originally designed to ensure service continuity to wireless phones in the event of a power cut. 

“The power back-up was chosen by Spark earlier this year after a rigorous testing process. There is no evidence of any design fault or problems with the lithium ion battery that is at the core of the device,” a statement from Spark says.

“Our technical experts advise us that once the power back-up is disconnected from the mains there is a low risk of overheating or fire. Therefore, we urge customers to disconnect the power back-up immediately and reconnect their wireless landline connection box to the power socket.”

More than 14,000 wireless landline phone customers are affected by the product recall. The power back-up was distributed to those customers between March 22, 2019 and August 2, 2019.

Although Spark says it is not aware of any fire incidents or harm caused as a result of the defects, the company is recalling all devices immediately, says Spark’s product director Tessa Tierney.

Spark is asking all customers who received the power back-up to immediately disconnect the black-coloured power back-up from their white-coloured wireless landline connection box and reconnect the connection box directly to the power socket.

Customers who received the wireless landline kit but have not yet installed it are also being asked to return it.

Customers can either bring the power back-up to their nearest Spark store or contact Spark directly on 0800 159 159 to arrange for collection. 

In the meantime, customers should store the device in a cool, dry, ventilated place like on a table or garage floor, away from direct sunlight or water.

The company is also contacting individual customers to advise them on next steps, including offering them an alternative means of communication should this be required in the event of a power outage.

“Spark will be proactively contacting all customers over the coming days to walk them through the disconnection process and assist them if they have any concerns about their ability to remain connected during a power cut,” states Spark. 

“As many of the wireless landline customers are older and some do not have internet access, Spark encourages family and friends to assist in making these customers aware of what to do.”

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