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Telecom rolls out "turbo-charged" XT Network

05 Aug 2010

At a press gathering this morning in Queen Street, Auckland, Telecom Retail CEO Alan Gourdie said that Telecom had “turbo-charged” its XT Network with the roll out of HSPA+.

But before you get excited, you’re going to need an HSPA+ capable device like the Turbo T-Stick to take advantage of the new speeds.

“With an HSPA+ capable device, XT customers will have the ability to get the fastest mobile broadband in New Zealand while on-the-go,” the company said.

Gourdie says that the result of HSPA+ going live across the XT Network will offer peak mobile data speeds of 21Mbps downlink, though actual speeds will vary depending on usual factors like your location, device’s capability and amount of other users on the network.

Gourdie explained the new and improved XT Network runs a third faster and is capable of delivering average network speeds of 4Mbps downlink to HSPA+ devices.

For the consumer, Telecom says this is like taking your desk with you. “You can work from anywhere, like you would from your office,” it claims.

From home you should be able to download a three minute song in 10 seconds or upload a 5MB photo album to Flickr in 40 seconds.

Telecom has a fibre backhaul on the XT Network which can deliver HSPA+ to “more than 85% of where New Zealanders live and work, said Gourdie.

Telecom will sell its Turbo T-Stick from $199 as part of a mobile broadband plan.