NetGuide NZ - Video: Forza Motorsport 3 on the world’s largest cinema screen

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Video: Forza Motorsport 3 on the world’s largest cinema screen

Microsoft and Pead PR invited Game Console to play Forza Motorsport 3 on the world’s largest 35mm permanent screen at Hoyts Sylvia Park in Auckland.Currently the Guinness world record holder since 2007, this screen displays 30.63m x 12.29m in full HD, the whole experience topped off with surround sound. But before we got our mits on Forza 3, we were treated to a demo by Microsoft’s Tolan Henderson.I was a little nervous to play any Forza for the first time in front of a small audience of gaming press on such a large screen, but I didn’t do too badly. Granted, I may have had one or two assists switched on, and I drove an automatic Porsche. But I did manage to throw myself off the track at one point, purely to give you a demo of the new “rewind” feature, of course…After my turn on the big screen, I headed along to another cinema where a number of Xbox 360s and racing wheels had been set up inside custom-made racing cabinets. I tried my hand at one of them, but it seems I jumped on shortly after some Forza pro; all assists were off and manual transmission was selected. Needless to say, I spent most of my time off the track, facing the wrong direction, so I quickly bailed out and changed a few of the settings before anyone took notice.Forza Motorsport 3 is out next Friday, October 3rd. Keep an eye out for Game Console’s full review in the December issue of NetGuide (due to hit stands and mailboxes on November 22nd).UPDATE: We're having trouble with our YouTube embed functionality, so in the meantime, videos one and two can be viewed here and here respectively.

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