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Vodafone set on leading NZ customer service

25 Jan 2011

The results of a consumer survey earlier this week revealed how New Zealand’s banks were eclipsing telecommunications companies in the customer service department.

Vodafone has since said that it’s intent on grabbing the number one spot with both hands.

The survey revealed that one-third of Kiwi respondents said they’ve had a good experience when dealing with their bank in the past 12 months, while one in five reported a negative experience when dealing with their telco, with phone companies contributing to one-third of all bad customer experiences.

“We are continually driving to improve customer service, we are intent on getting that number one spot,” Vodafone told us. “We made many changes last year to do just that, we brought all our fixed line support in-house (and onshore) and we removed the $1 charge for prepay customers to call into the contact centre.”

But that’s not all, as the statement continued, “We’ve also worked hard on our self service tools and help tools for customers (Log Me In allows agents to remotely diagnose and rectify issues on customer computers…with their permission of course).”

And to finish with a bang, Vodafone promised it would, “continue to innovate and improve service across both fixed and mobile.”